Ecs ice smartphone docking tablet

ECS ICE Smartphone docking Tablet Specs and Price

source url The promise and idea of being able to easily upgrade a smart TV, computer, smart appliance, home security system, ect without having to replace the entire unit just upgrading the brains is a great one, but thus far has not really gained traction. Similarly, the idea of a single PC that you carry everywhere in your pocket and use whatever display you have handy has been promised before but never delivered.

Perhaps Intel can drive this modular PC idea home and we could finally see it come to fruition. Unexpectedly absent from the list of partners is Asus and Samsung.

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The other big PC guys Dell, HP, and Lenovo aren't ready with their devices yet either though so I guess we will just have to see what happens in terms of support and adoption. The other thing that could hold the Compute Card back is that Intel will reportedly allow manufacturer lock-in where devices and Compute Cards can be made to only work with hardware from the same manufacturer. Restricting interoperability might hurt the platform, but it might aslo creat less confusion for consumers with the onus being on each manufacturer to actually support an upgrade path I guess.

The xPC is a small plastic chassis containing a full computer sans display or traditional outputs. It weights approximately 50 grams and is similar in form factor to a thick cell phone. It will slide into the xPad tablet dock like a gaming cartridge on a classic wow, I feel old console. The xPC can also be docked into a xTop dock which connects to a television or desktop monitor along with a keyboard and mouse. The xPad is essentially a tablet chassis, touchscreen display, and IO ports that has a slot where the xPC docks.

The current xPad design has a capacitive touch display with a resolution of x , front facing webcam, and an estimated six to eight hours of battery life. Along the left edge is the power button and volume rocker, and slot for the xPC to dock. The xPC is somewhat interesting in its goal, but I worry that its execution will be its undoing.

Ice Computer wants the xPC to be your only computer, such that you take it everywhere and simply dock it into various devices to get more IO, a larger display, or a physical keyboard.

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Phone docking tablets have brought something new concept in this Computex, first was ASUS PadFone with its own Smartphone. If you don't. ECS ICE Smartphone docking Tablet Specs and Price 0 Phone docking tablets have brought something new concept in this Computex, first.

Unfortunately, people are already carrying around a computer everywhere and it has a display and longer battery life all its own: Android, and in the future Ubuntu , smartphones can be connected to displays along with physical keyboards and mice to access a full desktop. They can be placed into docks, and in the Asus version can even be docked into a larger slate tablet the PadPhone.

Even Josh has a smartphone now! Further, with systems like the Raspberry Pi , enthusiasts can alreay hack together their own dockable, portable computer expect maybe the tablet aspect for less than even the base xPC much less the additional docks needed to make ti work. It could very well be a decent dockable computer that runs Windows and its plethora of applications and legacy software.

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Not quite the revolutionary dockable dream, but an area where i could see it being viable. Follow all of our coverage of the show at http: Both units measure 4. The X3A Xi3 is a power efficient business and general computing machine. It will pack a dual core processor running at 1. That storage can further be upgraded to up to 1TB. The X7A on the other hand is meant to be a workhorse and gaming machine.

Specs include a quad core processor running at up to 3. Odys, Olive, Oregon Oregon. Q-Ware Q-Ware. Reliance, Ricatech Reliance. Vizio, ViewSonic Vizio. WeTab WeTab.

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