Download phone booth subtitles english Quick pacing and Farrell's performance help make Phone Booth a tense nail-biter. R Rated: Larry Cohen Writer: Joel Schumacher Director: All subtitles: AG] sub download 0 English subtitle Phone. Entertaining and full of suspense! This is the kind of movie that is rare these days. It didn't cost an arm and a leg to make, it stars some good actors and the story line was plausible.

The Hitchcock influence is obvious and the pacing of the film was just right. This is the best work of director Schumacher. The lead could have been played by any yuppie looking actor but Colin Farrell does a good job anyway in a role that puts you in his character's place.

It's hard to make a movie work when it takes place in a confined space with few characters, but when those movies succeed, it shows. And that's how it is with "Phone Booth. I only looked at this because a friend loaned it to me so, at zero cost, what could I lose? Well, it was a lot better than I anticipated. Oddly, even though it's only 80 minutes long, I think this could have been better with about 10 minutes chopped off. It starts to repeat itself too much near the end.

You have to remember, almost the whole film takes place within a phone booth! Colin Farrell does a super job playing a sleazy guy held captive in the phone booth by a threatening sniper-caller. The story, although simple, holds your attention because there is great suspense, innovative camera-work, an involving story that hooks you in pretty fast and some great sound. I hope you have a surround sound system because the caller's Keifer Sutherland voice on the other end of the line is something to hear!

There is a big moral message in this film, too, about doing the right thing and paying for your sins, which Farrell sure did. It was really refreshing to hear that message, effectively told. Maybe some of us need a sniper to get the message across, but I hope not!

Are there holes in this story? Sure, but it's still good and has a cool ending. The only warning I would give readers here is the language: If that offends you, then stay out of this phone booth; otherwise, it's pretty entertaining. It's unusual for a feature like this to even show at the TIFF, which should say something about it. I know it sounds like a hard sell.

The whole thing takes place outside a phone booth in Manhattan, and it was shot in 10 days for less than 2 million dollars. But this movie is electric. The phone rings, and when he picks it up, all hell breaks loose. The voice on the other end Kiefer Sutherland is just terrifying warns him that if he leaves the booth he will be killed. Then the police show up, Forest Whitaker is wonderful as always as the cop in charge and order Stu out of the booth.

I spent the next hour on the edge of my seat. I don't want to give anything more away, but it is one of the most suspenseful movies I've seen in a very long time! You should go see this movie! I don't think it's going to get a very big release, even though it's directed by Joel Schumacher St. Schumacher was at the screening, and he talked about how a number of different actors including Mel Gibson and directors had been attached to the script, and it had taken years to get it to the screen.

Out of a possible five stars, I give this the limit of five with desires to go even higher. While I would go see it again and again, not everyone has the same tastes. If nothing else, it will make you stop and think: Stu Shepard Colin Farrell uses a pay phone to call his mistress Katie Holmes and after he hung up the phone rings.

He picks it up, of course, and learns that there is a sniper on the other side of the line. When he hangs up the sniper will shoot him, so he is told. Before he entered the booth we saw Stu talking on his cell phone as a PR-man, constantly lying to people. The sniper has observed Stu and thinks he deserves to die.

When the sniper demonstrates he is real by shooting a pimp near the booth the police arrives and thinks Stu is the shooter. Ramey Forest Whitaker slowly understands things are not as they seem. Colin Farrell who is in almost every scene is great. First he looks so confident and slowly he becomes more and more desperate. The voice of the sniper Kiefer Sutherland is also perfect for the movie. It sounds calm but creepy, like a dangerous man who knows what he is doing.

The movie is not very long and here that is a very good thing. Scenes are not dragged to make the movie as long as most movies and therefor it doesn't get boring. It kept me on the edge of my seat. A very good thriller. At first I thought the film was going to be just a normal thriller but it turned out to be a thousand times better than I expected.

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It's amazing that how they managed to make an 80 minute movie with just a guy in a phone booth but the full credit goes to Colin Farrell and Larry Cohen the writer not Joel Schumacher because he is a crappy director. I also really liked the raspberry coloured shirt Colin was wearing and it was an excellent choice of clothing because the viewers are going to watch him throughout the whole film.

When I first saw the movie I fell in love with it and I bought it on DVD the next day and I've seen it about 20 times and I'm still not fed up with it. Phone Booth is and always will be Colin Farrell's best film! Overall it is simply one of my favourite films and I even argued over my friend because he didn't like it. Director Joel Schumacher preserves his reputation with a script by Larry Cohen about personal morals and hopefully the truth providing some kind of redemption.

This is a white knuckle nerve wrecker about a self-serving publicist Colin Farrell making the mistake of his life by answering a public telephone. On the other end of the phone is a self empowered mad man Kiefer Sutherland inflicting demands on the fast talking, fast thinking publicity dealer who just happened to be walking by the phone booth he passes every day. The mystery voice on the phone demands the publicist to stay in the phone booth until he tells his wife Radha Mitchell and the TV watching public of his cheating, lying and making use of others.

Of course behind the demanding voice is a sharpshooter that is not afraid to pull the trigger. The senior officer on the scene Forest Whitaker tries to make sense of the situation while fighting back thoughts of his own past personal problems. And talk about a clever twist to end this flick. Also of note in the cast are: Katie Holmes, Richard T. Jones and Paula Jai Parker. Think twice about answering that ringing phone. Do not read if you have not seen this movie! Interesting failure let down by plot failures: For me the voice of the sniper was so obviously added in a sound studio after the movie was finished it spoilt the whole suspension of disbelief, he was supposed to be at the end of that phone line after all.

The Farrell character's redemption at the end did nothing for me, he was such a sleaze-bag you did not really feel any empathy or sympathy for him. He knew everything about Farrell's life, he was an expert marksman, he was an electronics bugging expert, he was a phone system expert so his calls are untraceable, he was an expert at predicting police tactics etc etc etc The ending was a cop out, I saw the pizza guy denouement a mile off without seeing any reviews or hints, who kills themselves by hacking through their own throats when police are running up the stairs outside the door and you have a gun available?

A great idea for a movie but really needed a Hitchcock to iron out the plot holes and improve the suspense. It is hard for me to believe that for some reason I missed viewing this film, which took me by great surprise. The film started out with a con artist who never stop lying and had everybody completely fooled until one fatal day when he made a phone call as his daily routine at the end of his baloney days work.

It drove me crazy when he had to confess his sins to an audience, including his mistress and wife. The con artist turned his complete life around and even helped a NYC detective wish he had told the complete truth to his own wife. There is plenty of deep suspense that keeps you glued to the screen and your seat. Refreshing film and worth viewing. Movie Nuttball 29 July The Phone Booth is a very clever and unusual movie.

Decent acting from the cast including a great performance from Colin Farrell! Forest Whitaker was very good. Kiefer Sutherland was excellent! I like how the film had the Hulk like split screens. I also like that fact that it focused on the victim and the killer almost the entire hour and twenty-one minutes! The end is just unbelievable! Joel Schumacher is a very good director in My opinion and this movie deserves a lot of attention in My opinion. If you want a short film that keeps you going until the end and an ending that is very surprising then check out the Phone Booth!

I don't know whether its just me or are the films in which situations are presented from the beginning of the films to the end spark more interest. Speed, Saw, and Phone Booth all present situations where you cant help but become intrigued to how it'll pan out or be solved. Phone Booth as you may have guessed is set within a phone booth. Coline Farrel enters the booth a cocky,confident man, and leaves it with a very different attitude. So how can a film which is primarly set in a phone booth keep you hooked for 80 minutes.

Well early in the film a man is shot, in public and witnesses and evidence suggest its farrel thats the culprit. Farrel cant do anything about it, because he'l be shot by a sniper viewing the booth if he hangs up or leaves. So now you've got the police on hand as a second outfit and another dilemma for farrel to face. They are trying to bring him out of the booth, but if he does come out hes to be shot. You can see how the writers expanded a simple situation ad blown it waaaay out of proportion. Its great. The films offers sharp dialogue and fine acting only from farrel, but hes all that matters really.

Farrel displays all emotions humanly possible throughout the film. Mostly fear. By Hollywood standards this film is relatively short running time, but this works for it, as perhaps 2hours would have been to long to keep the dialogue from becoming tedious. To some up, this is a top film. Watch it. It wont take long. Well I went into this hoping for the usual quality fare we have all come to expect from Joel Schumacher. Bad decision. Schumacher has done plenty better and none worse, and the really sad thing is that this movie had plenty of potential to be great.

Somewhere around 20 minutes into the movie I stopped caring whether any of them made it out alive or not. Thank god it was only 80 minutes long. I might have shot myself if it had gone on any longer. For another movie scripted along the same lines, but carried off with more panache and fewer big names, try watching Liberty Stands Still Linda Fiorentino, Wesley Snipes This shooter actually has motive and there is a clever script, an intelligent plot line, and characters that appeal to the audience.

GoldenShadow 17 April Seeing that the whole movie takes place in a phone booth, people probably wouldn't think that this is any good of a movie, and would probably think it will be a boring movie. But trust when I say that this movie was just great!

It is a well-directed, well-acted, fast paced, solid flick which I wasn't bored with for a second. I thought that Colin Farrell was great as the lead actor in the movie, and I'm sure that whoever is interested in solid thrillers will most likely like this flick.

Phone Booth (2002)

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I strongly recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of the genre! Colin Farrel was great in his role while on the other hand kiefer Sutherland did the most best tremendous job as the unknown hidden caller who never showed up until the end comes. The real movie starts at the time when Colin Farrel is held hostage at the phone booth by the unknown hidden kiefer Sutherland but before he also puts the curtain away from the secret life of Farrel on the other line by calling his girl friend and Farrel was listening but wasn't able to do any thing then he demonstrate to Farrel that he has got an eye on him , a telescopic view through a 50 caliber rifle and if he tries to walk away he ll be shot at point blank range.

Forrest Whitaker plays here the police detective who arrives at the scene when a crime is committed and Farrel is considered as prime suspect but he is amazed by the ongoing situation , he really wants to know who s on the line with Farrel , what conversation they are having how can he make Farrel out of the booth and surrender. In this scenario of the movie the shooter in fact is a person who hates lier's , deceptive and hypocrites , his main purpose is to punish them by his own and expose their mysterious double standard lives with fraud attitude.

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When you see this film you ll watch lots o twists in the story. A very nicely executed movie. After seeing what he'd done with the Batman franchise and Nicolas Cage in "8MM", you wouldn't believe that Joel Schumacher could make a good movie, would you? And I insist on both words because none of them is separable from the other.

He seems to appreciate his lifestyle but everything is about to change into an unforgettable way.

After Stu called up his mistress in a phone booth, the phone rings. Stu answers, only to find himself ear-to-ear with a sniper voiced by Sutherland. It's now that the twisted mind game begins. The sniper is a typical one, ie. He claims to be some kind of angel-like figure who wants to force sinners to expiate their faults to the society.

And this time, he aims Stu. Rarely have I seen a thriller so exciting, so mind-torturing. These sensations are mainly due to Farrell and Sutherland. Farrell offers an extraordinary performance as Stu. We can feel his fear, his anger, his desperation during the short 80 minutes of the movie. His transformation is real and sincere. We really can feel it.

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Sutherland's role is as great, but for different reasons. His task is gigantic: And he fits perfectly. The result is that the Sutherland-voiced sniper becomes as terrifying and frightening as other mind players, such as Hannibal Lecter. Merit should also be given to screenwriter Larry Cohen. The "Phone Booth" script is easily his best after "Carrie", which he wrote almost 25 years earlier. The story is simple, but very intelligent, very developed. The conclusion is stupendous. At first, I believed that I was watching another one of these thriller conclusions that are half-cooked because they can't render justice to the main part.

But then the plot twists and we just can't believe that we've been fooled like that. I also liked the cinematography. Mainly the screen divided in multiple parts, so the viewer can follow many scenes at once. It's nicely depicted by director Schumacher. I deserve great regards for "Phone Booth", especially for Farrell and Sutherland.

It's one of the greatest thrillers of the still young 21st century and it acts as some kind of redemption for critic scapegoat Joel Schumacher. By the way, would you dare to go into a phone booth after you see this movie? Contains Spoiler A tense, taut, darkly funny minute package of Hitchcockian suspense set in New York City although the scenes specifically involving the phone booth were filmed in Los Angeles, the art direction and veteran thriller genius Larry Cohen's biting script gave those scenes a very convincing Times Square ambience. It really reminded me of the seedy Times Square of my youth!

In particular, it's a tour de force for Colin Farrell and Kiefer Sutherland. Farrell, doing a good Bronx accent that also sounds slightly Latino-tinged to my native New Yorker ears, shows why he was long touted as The Next Big Thing even before he finally got some hit movies under his belt. As slippery publicist Stu Shepard, the intense, kinetic Farrell runs the gamut of emotions; he's like Nicolas Cage in dramatic mode without the scenery-chewing!

It was a good move, and I'm not just saying that because Sutherland is one of my longtime faves. When Sutherland plays bad guys, he gets this great silky menace to his voice kinda like James Mason without the British accent: Sutherland is seen very briefly in the film, too, so I must assume they filmed that footage later, but it certainly blends in seamlessly with the rest of the movie.

Think about it: The Caller was so twistedly self-righteous and judgmental that he was punishing his victims or Stu, anyway for thought-crimes! How Big Brother can you get?! While PB was well worth seeking out in actual theaters, especially since it has lots of cool split-screen shots and inset effects that are especially effective on a big screen, its claustrophobic nature also makes it well-suited to the small TV screen.

Check out Schumacher's enjoyable DVD commentary, too. What are the critics thinking praising this truly awful film?

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The situation was ridiculous. The sniper's motive were nonexistent. The acting was good, and the directing was stylistically novel, but this inane story was not only highly flawed, it was dull. I'm supposed to believe this was what he was being punished for? As Colin Farrell should have exited the phonebooth after the first call - I should have exited the theater soon after.

Phone Booth

Phone Booth is a movie that will keep you glued to your seat from start to finish. The premise of this film is a slick media consultant in New York City finds himself trapped in a phone booth by an extortionist's sniper rifle; seems fairly straightforward. However, it is the enthralling story, superb acting and exceptional camera work that give the viewer an intense, worthwhile experience. This is seriously entertainment at its best. Farrell gives a fantastically convincing performance as a sleazy, New York publicist who bears some semblance to a young Ari Gold.

I have always found that this man is painfully underrated and this film really shows off his versatility in a complete starring role. Everything from the thick New York accent to the devolution of his character seemed very natural and perfectly delivered. Kiefer Sutherland, providing the voice of the sniper, delivers a daunting performance. With merely his voice, he displays an intelligent, darkly comical and foreboding presence that makes the movie work. Forest Whitaker also gives a standout performance in his supporting role as captain of the task force. Joel Schumacher uses smart camera techniques, whether it being the use of split screens or fast cuts, to cultivate an atmosphere of sheer intensity and anticipation.

It can be difficult to string along a story which takes place in mostly one setting, but the pace seems to never let up from start to finish. The director, editors and anyone else involved in the visual cutting of this film deserve a lot of praise. Phone Booth is creative, entertaining and ultra suspenseful.

Pick up this call. Oh, And The Suspense! CandidlyCandid 24 February Phone Booth is a very creative and entertaining piece of work. It sets the standards and goes on right to the end. The suspense is the element that keeps you on the edge of your seat for those 81 minutes, of thrill, mystery and excitement. A man kept hostage in a phone booth in the middle of thousands of people, where he is controlled and voiced by some stranger over the phone.

It's got a terrific, unpredictable ending that will make you think. The acting is great, the screen-play and cinematography is great, Phone Booth is a edge of a seat thriller that all should be viewed, at least once. Two names who aren't exactly my favourite names in the movie world: Colin Farrell and Joel Schumacher. The first because I often find him annoying, pretentious, arrogant, and so on. So its fair to say I had my trepidations for this film in which Farrell is the lead and Schumacher is the director.

Thankfully, I was wrong to have doubts.