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click here Through a product strategy that centres on product diversification, Samsung caters to a wider market for smartphones and tablets. For example, the Galaxy S product line caters primarily to consumers from high socioeconomic class. But the company has imported the same user experience to mid-entry consumers through the Galaxy J product line, albeit some trade-offs such as lower hardware specifications and a plastic form factor rather than a metal and glass body.

Samsung has also manufactured a slightly trimmed down version of the Galaxy S product line—the Galaxy A. This product line has almost the same processing and memory specifications, as well as metallic body form factor minus premium features including heart rate sensors, better camera optics, and fingerprint sensor, among others. Even Apple has recognised the importance of product diversification.

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Before, the marketing strategy of this company centres on limited product offering. Today, the company offers three categories under the iPhone product line and several more categories under the iPad product line. Apple has also introduced a phone with a large screen display and a tablet with smaller screen display—strategies that have been implemented by Samsung. Take note that Samsung has virtually created the market for large-display smartphones called phablets.

Through a diversified product portfolio under the Samsung Galaxy brand, Samsung has developed and implemented a product-oriented marketing strategy that acknowledges the existence of various segments within a particular market. But this strategy does not rest alone with product diversifications. Samsung operates in an industry wherein technological progress or innovation is a key ingredient in building and maintaining competitive advantage. Throughout the years since the launch of the first Samsung Galaxy device, the company has introduced several innovations that influenced the direction of the market for smartphones and tablets.

This display remains a viable alternative to IPS display technology commonly used by other manufacturers. With the introduction of the Galaxy Note, Samsung created the specific market for phablets—an amalgamation of smartphone and table and a reference to devices with larger-than-average screen size for smartphones but smaller-than-average screen size for tablets. The Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Tab Note series have also reintroduced the use of stylus pens in mobile computing devices. This input feature stretches the capabilities of smartphones and tablets.

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Even companies such as LG and Apple have followed suit. Then there are added features such as a heart rate sensor, finger print scanner, and fast charging capabilities, among others. While smartphones would still work without these features, they provide an added value for consumers. Take note that Samsung is not the forerunner for these features but they managed to integrate them within their premium smartphone devices.

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It is important to note that through innovation, a company further promotes it leadership in the industry. The introduction of new technological features can have several benefits in the overall marketing initiative of a company. You can continue shopping and take advantage or our best deal at Samsung. Choose another country or region to see content specific to your location. This site uses cookies to enhance your web site experience.

By continuing to browse or use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Our 5. That means images are clearer, brighter and more captivating than ever before.

And now you can capture video in the same high resolution as the display so your personal videos look better than ever before. Do more than ever before with the new, enhanced S Pen. The Galaxy Note 4 has a wide-angle, 3. And when you want to photograph anything else, the Galaxy Note 4 comes equipped with a 16MP rear camera with built-in Optical Image Stabilization. So, even when you zoom in, the details in your photo remain in focus.

You can browse the Internet while you post your vacation photos.

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You can even open one app on top of another, making it easier to move between apps. Selfie, Wide Selfie. Features and Specifications are accurate as of commercial launch but may be subject to change without prior notification. The bandwidths supported by the device may vary depending on the region or service provider. Skip to content Skip to accessibility help. Navigation Menu. Go back one level.

Samsung Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy

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Hence, the Samsung marketing strategy simultaneously helps the organization progress in different aspects. Big placard, hoarding and posters are put up on highways. The phone comes with a 5. You can continue shopping and take advantage or our best deal at Samsung. Now yours with Samsung financing. Samsung Galaxy S4 Apple iPhone 6s vs. Please let us know.

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Email Address. Your verification link has been sent Check your email to validate your new password and access your account. Unable to find the email? Resend verification link error. So, Samsung also had to change in order to gain the upper hand on the market and the new Samsung marketing strategy was the key to evolution. Growth and development are essential parts of the technology.

Consumers were never attached with certain technology products, they always strive to have the best. Such situation has obliged technology manufacturers to rapidly create new gadgets that would satisfy the needs of customers, and for several years, Samsung has never failed in this component. Today, Samsung has sparked in terms of innovation and instead of satisfying the needs of the society, they have literally started to create the need for people. Besides, Samsung has an interesting and vast product portfolio.

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By this, I mean that the Samsung marketing strategy has helped the firm to build trust on every product they manufacture. Besides the product, Samsung is famous for its customer service Samsung has one of the fastest product services. Though, product variation is the most powerful aspect of the marketing mix of Samsung.

And from this strategy, only service dealers are taken into account for corporate sales. Retailers who present the technology chain are bound to include Samsung in their list, because of the firm being a world-famous brand and Samsung can also serve as an alternative for the consumers.